Hiring Manager Webinars

You will be hearing right from the horse’s mouth!  These are the people who are responsible for hiring people and have years of experience.  They’ll be sharing tips, ideas and secrets that your grad needs to know!

Each month, we hold a Webinar featuring hiring managers from small to large companies around the world to share with you ideas and tips on how what job seekers need to do to be hired by them.

You will learn:

  1. Common mistakes your students will make during the interview process.
  2. How employers expect them to follow up on interviews.
  3. Questions they like to hear students ask them.
  4. Tips that will increase their chances of getting to the next interview and offer.
  5. How they make the difficult decision of who gets hired.
  6. How they see the job search industry changing and what your student will need to do to stay ahead of these changes.
  7. What new hires need to do in the first 90 days to set the stage for salary increases and job promotions.

And, much more!

Hiring manager Webinars are held the third Thursday of every month from 8 PM to 9 PM EST.

Invite your student to participate in these too! They can listen to the recordings whenever they want!

You will receive:

  • PDF’s of each presentation
  • Access to CareerChat to get access to resources you need to know
  • Worksheets and hand outs

Only  17.95 for a limited time 14.95 per month or join our Parent Club and get all the Author & Coaches Webinars – (all three) for 29.95 per month


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