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Successful Careers Require Careful Planning And a Commitment of Time!

CareerGear provides a year by year career strategy that makes sure students have what it takes to get a job by graduation day!


The best time to prepare for a career is before you start it.

In fact we believe the ideal time to build a career plan starts the minute a student gets on campus.

CareerGear is designed an easy to follow curriculum and career management methodology that will introduce information, networks, job search skills and career planning in a careflully organized fashion.   Starting the freshman year, we’ve outlined specific tasks, books and information students need to build on for the next year.

The end game is for students to build their professional network early in their college experience to improve the likelihood of internships and job shadow opportunities.  Our goal is to improve the chances of students receiving a job by graduation day.

Your student CareerGear will include:

  1. Career Workbook with exercises and outline to build plan
  2. Career videos featuring career experts
  3. Career webinars by nation’s top career authors
  4. Career discussion board



The goal your freshman year is to help you learn about yourself and focus on:

        • Self Assessments
        • Career exploration
        • Career planning
        • Building your professional network

You will take a number of assessments to begin to gain a better understanding of the type of careers, industries, companies and jobs you will excel at. To learn more about yourself, you’ll take behavior, personality and skill tests. Then you’ll meet with career coaches who will help interpret the results of the tests. Your job will be to take that information and narrow down career choices.

Additionally we’ll get you networking with alumni immediately. We want you to have connected with a minimum of 20 alumni who are in the careers you are interested in. You’ll learn how to build relationships with alumni and how to begin to position yourself for job shadow and internship opportunities.

We’ll also encourage you to join a couple campus clubs and organizations you are interested in so that by the time you are a senior you can take on leadership positions which companies LOVE to see. You’ll be assigned to read two books, one that will focus on career exploration and the other on soft skills.


Your Sophomore year you will be building on the foundation of your Freshman year and expand your focus to:

  • Evaluating career opportunities
  • Building your online presence
  • Expanding your professional network

Now that you are getting a better idea of your career aspirations, you will be encouraged to continue to connect with alumni on LinkedIn, Facebook, BranchOut, BeKnown and other sites to expand your network. You should connect with at least 30 new alumni your sophomore year.

We’ll encourage you to learn about associations and industry groups within your areas of interests and see if you can participate in local meetings.

You will be assigned to read two books, one that will focus on Networking and the other soft skills. If there is a campus chapter of Toastmasters, you’ll be encouraged to be a part of that too. You will also take an online networking course.






During your junior year you will continue building on the foundation of the previous two years and expand your focus to:

  • Learning “Soft Skills” company will expect you have
  • Learning job search skills
  • Developing your Career Plan

You will continue to build your contact and relationship with alumni and industry contacts and to begin to branch out to leaders within companies you are interested in working with.

You have a limited opportunity to connect with upper management as a student, that will go away after you have graduated.

You will be assigned to read two books, one that will focus on Interviewing skills and the other on leadership skills.






In your senior year it will be time to reach out to your network of 100 plus alumni to let them know when you will be graduating and asking them to let you know if they know of any opportunities coming available within their  companies or in companies of people they know.  Now its time to focus on:

  • Learning how to avoid the 18 common mistakes first time job seekers make
  • Continue to perfect your job search strategy
  • Learn Interviewing skills
  • Finalizing your career plan

We’ll spend a good deal of time preparing you for interviews and job search.  In fact you’ll take two courses, one taught by Tony Beshara, author of the Job Search Organizer and the other by Eric Kramer, called Active Interviewing.





Your monthly career registration fee includes:

  1. Workbooks
  2. Webinars
  3. Career Planning Guide
  4. Access to video library resources
  5. eNewsletter
  6. Career Planning Guide


What is included in the Four Year Career Planning program?

We designed the program so it was not only affordable, but so it spread out the assignments and information students need to know.   Not only do they get the information when they need it, but it’s also paced to fit their schedule.  The program includes:

  • Workbooks
  • Webinars
  • Career Planning Guide
  • Access to video library resources
  • eNewsletter
  • Career Planning Guide

Why do I pay for 12 months when I’m only in school for roughly 9 months?

Ah, that’s a common question.  Summer is a great time to work on career plans, so we continue to keep your student involved and engaged in their program during the summer.

I’m currently a (sophomore, junior, senior) how can I still get the benefits of the program.

Ah, good question!  For sophomores and juniors, we have an accelerated program that will require you to invest more time to get caught up.  Contact us for details.  For Seniors, we recommend you jump right into the Grad Career Boot Camp.

Are there additional costs?

We encourage you to use the career center assessments which are sometimes free.  If you prefer, you can use the skills, behavior, branding assessments we offer.  These assessments range from $20 to $40 each.  We will recommend books by authors for them to read, which they can either purchase or get them from the school or local library.   You have the option engaging coaches for an additional fee.


Build your successful career strategy!

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