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Students Should Be Investing As Much AS 40 Hours a Year In Career Management!

Students entering college or in college have a career advantage that they don’t even know about!


They have time to explore career options, network with alumni, job shadow, intern, build a career plan and learn successful job search strategies.   Along the way they have an opportunity to learn how to use Twitter and Blogs to build  ”thought leadership” and impress prospective employers.  More importantly they will be able to learn the ins and outs of using online communities like Facebook and Linkedin to find jobs.

But all of this takes time!

We encourage students to invest 1/2 hour to an hour a week to work on career plans.

Studies have shown that graduates who have not invested the time to work on their careers are extremely remorseful and are finding themselves struggling to pay off not only their student loans, but their credit cards too.  It’s no surprise that it took the average member of the Class of 2011 7.4 months to get a job, as most were taking any job they could in order to be able to start paying on their loans at 6 months after graduation.

Studies show that grads who work on their careers, get jobs and get paid MORE!

We provide many career learning opportunities:

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