Grad Career Virtual Boot Camp

Grad Career Virtual Boot Camp!

Just graduated and need some help in figuring out how to get a job?

Join the Career Bootcamp, where we’ll feature the nation’s top career experts who will share proven strategies and techniques that should be at the heart of every career plan and job search strategy.
You will learn:

  • How to use Twitter in your job search
  • Make an incredible LinkedIn profile
  • How to adopt leadership qualities
  • Pick the right career!
  • How to sell yourself in an interview
  • How to find and work with a mentor
  • Interviewing listening skills
  • Proven techniques to use Social Media
  • Best practices in Interviewing
  • How to use Facebook in your job search


The Summer Boot Camp will include the following presentations! 

Presenter Topic Presenter’s book

Twitter & Your Job Search 

with Susan Whitcomb 

Twitter is becoming an incredible tool to find jobs before they make it to the mainstream job posting services. You now have the ability to follow hiring managers and use it for local job searches tool.  Susan will provide dozens of tips and ideas to get you up to speed.

LinkedIn Makeover

with Donna Serdula

LinkedIn is rapidly becoming one of the most important job search tools available to you.   The good news is it’s simple to pick up and use, but the bad news is, if you are going to use it, do it right.  Donna will make sure you build your profile out to be found by hiring managers, but also so you look professional.  You’ll learn multiple ways to build your network too!

Your Leadership Skills Are Natural

with Al Duncan

Every company you are going to interview with will be looking at your leadership potential. Do you have what it takes to complete assignments, lead a team and eventually lead a department and company.  Al will discuss how you can build your leadership skills based on your personality and interests.


Pick The Right Career & Company and You’ll Love Your Job

with Laurence Shatkin

As you begin to chart your career, you will save yourself a great deal of grief and wasted time if you know where your interests, skills and passions will best be used.  Laurence will share with you how you can identity where you will succeed and what you need to do to get the job of your dreams.



Why Should We Hire You?

with Brooks Harper

Your interview is the make or break it moment!  Brooks will share with you some personal stories, best practices and ideas on how you can impress the staff at the firms you are applying at.  His attitude is infectious and his technique are proven to work.  We guarantee if you implement his ideas, companies will be hiring you on the spot!

Build a Career Strategy With The Best Mentors You Can Find

with Kathleen Barton

Your career will move on a “faster track” when you have mentors and inside champions who are paving the way for you.  Mentors are people who take an interest in you because of who you are.  If you are good, they will go to bat for you when it comes review time, when you have a shot at a promotion and or just watch your back.  Kathleen will share with you how to nuture, and work with a Mentor.

Poor Listening Skills Could Cost You That Job

with Mark Goulston

One of the most important skills companies are looking to see if you have is your communication skills.  They are going to be interested to see if you are able to represent their company with clients and departments.  To gauge your capabilities they will be evaluating your listening skills.  Are you listening to what they are saying or saying what you want to say.  Mark will provide tips to stay on top of your game.

Job Searching with Social Media for Dummies

with Joshua Waldman

Social Media has come out of no where to become one of the most important tools for people to get jobs today.  Hiring managers love it because its cheaper than alternative job posting techniques and it provides more “vetted candidates”.  You need to know how to use Social Media responsibly.  Joshua will share 7 issues that could affect your job search success.

Facebook Used Professionally Will Get You Jobs

with Natascha Saunders

Research is already showing that people are building their networks via Facebook and as a result are finding better positions quicker.  Natascha will show you tricks on how to use Facebook in your job search.  You’ll also pick up tips on what you should NOT being doing too.

Control the Interview and GET That Job

with Eric Kramer

Contrary to what most people think, the vast majority of the people who will be interviewing you will not know what they are doing.  As a result they won’t get a good picture of what you are capable of accomplishing.  Eric show an incredible new idea that will help you control the interview process and deliver the kind of information your interviewer is looking for.


Your Bootcamp includes:

  1. PDF’s of each lesson
  2. Transcripts of each lesson for easy note taking
  3. Access to CareerChat to get access to resources you need to know
  4. Worksheets and hand outs


Give your grad the confidence, knowledge and skills they need to land a job!

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