Building a Career Strategy Takes Time, But it’s Worth It!

A recent survey by UCLA found that 88.5 percent of incoming freshman believe college will play a major role in their future career success and earning power.

However, because of the significant number of activities, courses, group meetings, projects and research students have to do, few spend any time thinking and planning for their campus to corporate transition.

The end result, few grads have built a professional online presence, networked with 30 or more alumni working in their field of interests, learned the strategies to search for a job and use social media professionally to find hidden jobs.

To help you, we’ve put together a series of courses, webinars, workbooks and will put you together with the nation’s top career authors and experts to help you build a successful career strategy. We’ve designed program for students entering or in college and students who are graduating or have graduated, click below to discover incredible career planning opportunities for you.

Research shows the more time and commitment you invest in your career strategy, not only will you have a better chance at landing an internship, but you are more likely to get a job – at higher salaries then students who don’t take take ownership in their careers.

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