Resources to Help You And Your Student/Grad Develop Successful Career Strategies!


The Unemployed Grad Workbook

Essential Workbook provides exercises for each chapter that will help
your student build a successful career plan and job search strategy.

Career Readiness Quiz

Most grads think they know what they need to do to search for a job.
Here’s a 100 question quiz that will help them see what they need to
be working on today! Free!   CLICK for DETAILS

Grad Career Toolkit

You can give your graduate access to the essential Grad Career Toolkit
that will include over 40 ideas, tips and tools that will help them get a
job! Free!   CLICK for DETAILS

Linkedin Primer for Grads

We’ll show you how your grad should be using Linkedin to network
with alumni and build relationships starting their freshman year! Free!  CLICK for DETAILS

Free video on Guerilla Marketing techniques

We’ve assembled 20 unique, fun, yet proven techniques that will help
your grad get the CAREER job they want! Free!   CLICK for DETAILS

News & Information

Register for our eNewsletter and blog to get a steady diet of inspiring
ideas, confidence building advice and strategies to get jobs! Free!   CLICK for DETAILS

Parent Online Community

You and your grad are not the only ones going through this
experience. Pick up ideas, tips and job leads from other parents who are

experiencing the same thing as you!   CLICK for DETAILS

 Career courses to prepare for job searches

Your student needs to master the fundamental job search skills.
Check out the courses offered in building resumes, networking,
interviewing, job search and more! CLICK for DETAILS


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