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  Study Program for Parents with Students in College

You’ll learn what your student should be doing to build a successful career strategy


If your student is entering college, or currently in college, you have time to help them create a career plan, and job search strategy that will ensure they get the career job they want when they graduate.

We’ve outlined a monthly career educational series that will give you the knowledge you need to help your student develop a career plan and successful job search strategies.  During the 12 month program you will gain a better understanding of what your student will need to be doing and how they can better position themselves for internships and jobs.

You’ll learn how extremely important it is for your student to:

  • Take ownership of their career the minute they get on campus
  • Invest 20-40 hours a year in developing their career plan
This jump start program will give you a solid understanding of what they need to be doing their freshman, sophomore, junior and senior year, if they want to improve their chances of not only having a job by graduation day, but a job that is relevant to their interests and major!

Your study program will include:

  1. 9 webinars featuring hiring managers, career coaches/authors and career experts
  2. 5 videos filled with stats, facts and data on what your student will need to do to prepare for his/her first professional job search
  3. Workbook to help you and your student lay out a career strategy
  4. Quiz with 60 questions to help you show your student what they don’t know!
  5. Online community discussion board to share thoughts and ideas
  6. Valuable resource for both you and your student


You’ll immediately have access to information that will enable you to help your student understand what they should be doing to develop their professional network, online presence, participate in online discussions to build their thought leadership and learn the soft skills business leaders want them to have the minute they start working for them.

Here’s what you will learn in each session:

  1. What your graduate doesn’t know will stump their career!
  2. How the job search process has dramatically changed.
  3. Your student needs to develop an online presence
  4. 7 strategies your student will need
  5. 15 things business leaders want that your graduate doesn’t have

These sessions will provide the latest tips, news and strategies that you can use to help guide your student in career exploration, career planning and job search strategies.


You will receive a login link each month to the next presentation.You will be able to watch the presentations at any time that is convenient for you.

Plus each month, you will receive ideas and assignments that will help you, help your student build their job search strategy, and access to relevant resources. Click to download complete details of this year long program.

You will receive with each of the above 12 monthly sessions:

  1. PDF’s of each presentation
  2. Access to Parent Chat to get access to resources you need to know
  3. Monthly resources
  4. Worksheets and hand outs


The Employed Grad Workbook

Essential Workbook provides exercises for each chapter that will help your student build a successful career plan and job search strategy.Free!

Career Readiness Quiz

Most grads think they know what they need to do to search for a job. Here’s a 100 question quiz that will help them see what they need to be working on today! Free!


You may also be interested in ordering a copy of the book that this course was created from.   The Unemployed Grad, And What Parents Can Do About It, provides an additional resource for you to explore the new job search economy and what you will need to do to help your graduate get a job.    This book includes a workbook and additional resources.





Why should I enroll for this program?

If you have a student who is entering or in college, you have time to help them take ownership of their career. More than likely,  Their college doesn’t require them to invest the time in career management, and as a result the vast majority of grads don’t worry about their career until after they graduate.  We think that’s too late.What will the monthly presentations review?

Each month we’ll cover a different topic to give you a foundation and understanding of what your student should be doing in preparing for their career, their freshman, sophomore, junior and senior year.  Armed with this knowledge you will be more confident about the advice and the demands you make.

What if I have questions?

We have a Parent Community you can participate in to get advice from other parents who are experiencing the same thing you are.  Our career coaches and staff will offer suggestions and advice too.

Do I need special equipment to watch the presentations?

Nope!  You can watch the presentations using any browser, at any time with any device.  That’s right you watch with your SmartPhone, SmartPad and computer.

Should my student participate in these presentations?

It’s up to you.  We have a monthly version designed especially for them, that we think would be more appropriate.  These sessions are focused on helping you become confident and comfortable with the role you MUST take to encourage them to take ownership of their career.

Can I stop at any time?

Sure if you are not getting value out of this program, simply cancel.  Before you do, let us know what you think is lacking so we can continue to improve the program.


Learn what they need to know, so you can be a resource to them in their first professional job search.

Parent Study Program $139.95 – $79.95  Click to Order

Autographed book, The Unemployed Grad $24.95 Click to Order

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