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Bootcamp for Parents of Recent Grads

You and your graduate have a HUGE investment in their college degree!  Learn what you need to know to help your grad get a job IMMEDIATELY!


If your son or daughter has graduated from college, we need to get them up to speed on everything they need to know to get a job, immediately!

There’s much to do and much to learn!

We’ve designed a 5 video series that is available on demand that you can watch on any device at any time that will give you the knowledge you need right now to be a resource to your graduate as they start their first professional job search.

Why do you need to help?

The job search process has dramatically changed in the past 3 years.

Today besides knowing how to build a professional network, ace an interview and look for a job, your graduate will need to know how to use Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and develop an online brand and presence that will get them noticed.

With the average senior spending less than two hours in the career center their senior year,  it’s highly likely that they did not explore the industries their degree will qualify them for, develop job search strategies, build a professional network and learn how to us emerging Internet tools and strategies including social media!

You can customize your Parent Career Bootcamp to includes:

  • 7 videos that outline issues your grad is facing
  • 9 Webinars featuring top career coaches, coaches and hiring manager
  • Autographed copy of the book, The Unemployed Grad, And What Parents Can Do About It!

You will learn:

  • 12 guerilla marketing techniques to get jobs
  • 18 mistakes grads make when searching for a job
  • 7 fundamental strategies of a job search
  • 12 Soft Skills hiring managers are looking for
  • Proven job search, interviewing and networking techniques

So to get you up to speed so you know what they are facing and position you to offer ideas, suggestions and advice, and coach them in their first professional job search, plan on taking our Parent Career Bootcamp! 


When you register for these, you’ll immediately get access to all 5 sessions which you can watch in any order you want on any device and at any time.

Your participation will give you the confidence and knowledge that will enable you to offer advice, guidance and set goals and expectations in your grads job search strategy.  You’ll know what they should be doing, how they should be doing and when they should be doing it!

Here’s what you will learn in each session:

  1. What your graduate doesn’t know will stump their career!
  2. How the job search process has dramatically changed.
  3. Your student needs to develop an online presence
  4. 7 strategies your student will need
  5. 15 things business leaders want that your graduate doesn’t have
Get your graduate off on the right foot by learning how to coach, guide and advise them.


You can view the videos whenever you want, on any device!

The videos include the following tools that will help you build a successful career strategy with your graduate.

    1. PDF’s of each lesson
    2. Transcripts of each lesson for easy note taking
    3. Access to our Parent Online Community to get advice and feedback from others who are facing similiar issues
    4. Worksheets and hand outs


You may also be interested in ordering a copy of the book that this course was created from.   The Unemployed Grad, And What Parents Can Do About It, provides an additional resource for you to explore the new job search economy and what you will need to do to help your graduate get a job.    This book includes a workbook and additional resources.



Why should I enroll for this program?

If you have a student who has just graduated, we can assure you they have no clue on how to find a job.  They frankly didn’t take the time while in college to learn the skills, build a professional network to land a job by graduation day.  Now they are on the market with 2,000,000 other recent grads who are all looking for their “dream job”.  Unless they know how to use social media, where to spend their time wisely and know who to network with, their chances of getting a job diminishes.   We’ll show you what they need to know and give you the resources to help them build a job search strategy that produces not just a job, but a job that is relevant to their interests and major.

What will the presentations cover.

Each presentation focuses on an general topic that will provide you stores, best practices, and successful strategies implemented by others.  Each day that your graduate flounders in their job search process puts them months farther away from their goal. Armed with this knowledge you will be more confident about the advice and the demands you make.

What if I have questions?

We have a Parent Community you can participate in to get advice from other parents who are experiencing the same thing you are.  Our career coaches and staff will offer suggestions and advice too.

Do I need special equipment to watch the presentations?

Nope!  You can watch the presentations using any browser, at any time with any device.  That’s right you watch with your SmartPhone, SmartPad and computer.

Should my student participate in these presentations?

It’s up to you.  We have a monthly version designed especially for them, that we think would be more appropriate.  These sessions are focused on helping you become

You have 3 options to pick up the knowledge you need

  1. The 5 videos, workbooks, 60 question quiz, handouts, transcripts, and access to resource like the Parent Online Community is all include for one low price of only $49.95 limited time offer $29.95 Click to Order
  2. Everything above in 1, plus, an autographed copy of the book, The Unemployed Grad, And What Parents Can Do About It! for only $74.90 limited time offer $47.95 Click to Order
  3. Everything in 1, AND 2, plus, access to our 9 webinars featuring hiring managers, career coaches, career authors, and career experts for only $158.90 limited time offer $97.95 Click to Order


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