Your Student/Grad Needs Help Developing Their Career & Job Search Strategy!

A diploma is no guarantee of a job!  Your student needs to take ownership of their career NOW!


Your student will graduate into the worst job market EVER, and when they do, they will be clueless on how to find a job!

Why do we say that?

  • 60% of graduating seniors either NEVER visit the career center or visit less than twice their senior year.
  • The average graduate will take 7.4 months to get a job.
  • The average grad spends less than 5 hours a week on their job search.

As a result, they could very likely become one of 17 million college grads are working in jobs that do not require a degree.  Worse, they will bounce from job to job, frustrated, lacking confidence and struggling to pay off their student loans and credit card debt.

It doesn’t have to be like that!

We’ve developed a program where you can help your student develop the skills they need to get a job.  These programs are customized for parents and students who are currently in college and for those that have recently graduated.

Explore the program that fits your situation right now!

I’ve got a student:

Our programs are designed so you can be involved in the process, review your students progress and be a part of their career management team!

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