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Help Your Currently Enrolled Student Prepare for Their Career

We provide career courses, Webinars, coaching and a methodology to prepare students for their careers!

Your student should start working on their career strategy the minute they get on campus!

If you have a student entering college or currently in college you have an opportunity to step in and encourage them to take ownership of their career exploration, career planning and job search strategy.

Because the vast majority of colleges don’t require students to invest time in managing their careers, they will have to manage it on their own.  Unfortunately, few students invest the time while in college to work on career strategies, and as a  result, end up as one of the 80 percent of grads who are unemployed on graduation day, who have to move home and eventually take ANY job just to start paying back their credit cared and student loans.

It doesn’t have to be that way.  We can help you – help your student!

To help you understand the issues your student will be facing after graduation and what he or she will need to know to get a job we’ve even designed a program for parents that will help them be a resource in their first professional job search.

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If not you, then who will be there for them? 

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