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A degree is NO guarantee that your student will get a job!

 Few grads have taken the time during college to master the art of networking, interviewing, job search and explore emerging job search trends like LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter

There are plenty of stats to prove this.

  • 80% percent of the last 4 years of graduation classes were unemployed on graduation day.
  • 78% of grads surveyed by AfterCollege said they were having trouble finding a job.
  • It took the average grad from the Class of 2011 – 7.4 months to find a job

In a job-scarce world that offers little job security, job search and career management skills are perhaps the most important skills your child can ever develop. Yet few graduates have the skills to land a job and get a foothold in this new world of work.

This complimentary online Webinar can help youhelp your recent grad learn these skills and beat these stats!

The Webinar will be led by Don Philabaum author of the book, The Unemployed Grad, And What Parents Can Do About It!

It’s the first book that addresses the problem of graduate unemployment. Don suggests that more grads could, not only have a job by graduation day, but a job they want, if they take ownership of their career.

Don will share exactly what it will take for your young graduate to succeed in landing job interviews and job offers, and more importantly, what you can do to help them.

His book outlines proven strategies, tips and best practices that your student/grad will need to implement if they are going to stand out in an economy that shed 8,000,000 jobs in the past decade, and is producing less than 150,000 jobs each month.

The good news is there are jobs out there. In fact the latest report by the Department of Labor suggests there are 3.7 million jobs available. However, if you factor in the unemployed, the under employed, those that have temporarily dropped out of the job market and the grads that have entered the market the past four years, there are easily over 20,000,000 people that want those jobs!

YOUR grad is going to have to look OUTSTANDING to get the job they want!

Who should attend?

  1. Parents/Guardians of Students
  2. Parents/Guardians of Grads

60 minutes is all it takes.

Invest sixty minutes with Don and learn what it will take your grad to survive and prosper in this challenging world-of-work, and the specific strategies and tactics that will help your graduate make a successful transition into the professional world.


Registrations are limited so register right now!

You’ll learn:

  1. How dramatically the job search market has changed.
  2. What your grad will need to know to compete for the limited jobs available.
  3. Why your student should be building an online presence and professionally using social media
  4. 18 Mistakes your graduate will likely make
  5. 7 fundamental building blocks of a successful career strategy

And you will learn:

  • The 15 “soft skills” buiness professionals expect of your graduate
  • Guerilla Job search tactics that actually work!

And you will receive two bonus items…

You will also receive a “class pass” for a complimentary webinars that will help you make the transition for your grad from dorm to home easier and a free Career Readiness Quiz that will help your grad see what they don’t know about building a career strategy and landing a job!
Dr. Robert Shindell Tips, Strategies & Techniques to Get an Internship!With 80 percent of grads having to move home, and with the difficulty and stress involved in looking for jobs, both grads and parents have to readjust and work together.r of Academic and Life Transitions.   Studies show grads with internship experience have an easier chance of getting a job.  Find out what your student will need to make sure they land an internship.
Career Readiness Quiz This is an excellent tool to help your grad evaluate their career readiness. It contains 100 questions that are designed to get your grad thinking of of the areas in which he or she will need to study in order to be able to compete in a crowded job market. They and you will gain a better understanding of what they don’t know so you both can set goals and plans to acquire the knowledge they will need to not just get a job, but get a career job!
So what are you waiting for! this Webinar before we reach our participation limit! Don’t delay, sign up today!

Register for this complimentary ONLINE Webinar today!

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How to attend this online Webinar!

You can access this webinar from your computer, where ever you are. When you register, you will receive reminders of the webinars and how you can access our free resources to help your grad learn the skills he, or she will need to get a job.


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