Career Center Professionals Say >50% of Grads Are NOT Job Search Ready

I’ve been pouring over the recently released study by the Career Advisory Board, called Effectively Counseling Graduating Students.   The CAB engaged NACE to survey career center professionals to find out what if graduating students are prepared to enter the job market and succeed in their first job.

The survey was shared with 1,365 career professionals and a whopping 43 percent or nearly 600 participated.

The results showed that career professionals do NOT think grads are job search ready.  In fact:

  • 8.0 percent strongly disagree
  • 40.1 percent disagree
  • 27.7 percent neither agree nor disagree
  • 21.6 strongly agree
  • 2.7 agree

I’m not sure why 27.7 percent neither agreed or disagreed.  Perhaps it was because they just didn’t know, or that they didn’t want to weigh in on the topic.   Rather than focusing on the negative number lets focus on the positive.   If we can extrapolate this survey to career center professionals across the country only 23 percent think their graduating seniors are ready for their job search.

Frankly I’m not surprised.

In a 2011 survey conducted by NACE, that evaluated how frequently graduating seniors visited the career center:

  • 27 percent never visited
  • 18.1 percent visited once
  • 16.7 percent visited twice.

That adds up to nearly 60 percent who either never visit or visit less than twice.  Clearly that is not enough time to even prepare a resume.

So what is the solution?   

  • 33.7 percent suggest offering, requiring students to attend career classes
  • 18.3 percent suggest cultivating relationships with faculty
  • 11.9 percent suggested moving the career center to a more visible location
  • 7.7 percent suggested hiring paid student ambassadors
  • 16.6 percent suggested mores staff to market the career center to students

We’d like to suggest a couple of our solutions too. 

  1. Encourage your son or daughter to begin networking with alumni on LinkedIn their freshman year.
  2. Make sure they visit the career center to get advice and suggestions on developing their resume and career plan.
  3. Have them read books about leadership, ethics, and communication, softskills companies are looking for.

And of course, register them for our four year career planning course.

The program provides your students access to the nations top career authors and experts.


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