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Athletes have them, actors have them, business executives have them, and increasingly even job seekers are turning to career coaches to help them put their best foot forward on the every opportunity they have.

In today’s competitive employment market job seekers have to have a strategy in order to  stand out from the crowd!

Without a certified professional coaches coaxing, pushing and encouraging your graduate to take those extra steps to prepare for their interviews, networking opportunities or just keeping them motivated in their job search, chances are your graduate will not reach their peak readiness and will fail to “ace” the interview and get the job.

You and your student can decide what kind of help you want from our career coaches.

Here are just a few of the areas parents and students are using our career coaches today:

  • Review career assessments and explore best careers, industries and matching positions.
  • Developing a professional networking strategy that includes alumni.
  • Create a written career plan and outline goals in the next 5, 10 and 15 years.
  • Provide feedback and coaching in the job search process.

Our career coaches are experts in helping students build successful career plans and job search strategies.  All coaching is done online either via phone discussions, and or video chat, whichever is most convenient for your student.


You can decide what type of coaching your son or daughter needs.  Maybe they need some time management, or help in building their confidence to network, or simply someone to share issues they are having, someone that can keep them focused.   As you think about what would be best for your child, consider any of theses options.

    1. Explore career options
    2. Develop a job strategy
    3. Organize the job search process.
    4. Managing the campus to corporate transition.
    5. How to live on their own and handle their own finances.
    6. Overcome the emotional highs and lows of a job search process.
    7. Handle the debilitating effects of a personal break up or loss of a loved one.
    8. Handle their first job.
    9. Work in a team environment or for their first boss.
    10. Develop positive personal routines and behaviors.
    11. Overcome compulsive behaviors.

Handle time management better or overcome procrastination

Each session:

  • Has a purpose, outcome and expectation, all designed to keep your student moving forward in their goal to create their career plan and job search strategy.
  • Will end with an assignment that will help students build on the knowledge discussed.   The first session is usually a full hour, with subsequent sessions usually ½ hour.


Why should I offer coaching to my student?

Coaches can in a relatively short period of time, help your student “find their way”.   The job of a career coach is to listen and at the same time analyze what they are hearing to offer ideas or paths that will enable students to explore their feelings and interests.  It’s better to get advice from someone who has the best interest of your student at heart then someone in their class that knows nothing of their goals, interests and passions.  Career coaches can help interpret assessments, help students make professionals connections and nudge them into actions.

What will the presentations cover.

Our coaches are flexible and are willing to provide general overall advice.  In order to help your student gain the most from the sessions, we suggest that each time you engage the coaches, you have a specific project identified.  For example you may feel your student needs time management help.  For the agreed amount of time, they will stay focused on helping your student solve their miss use of time.

What if I have questions?

We have a Parent Community you can participate in to get advice from other parents who are experiencing the same thing you are.  Our career coaches and staff will offer suggestions and advice too.

Do students meet live with the coaches.

No!  Your student can connect by phone, Skype, webcam, any way they want to.  Our goal over time is to develop more coaches available in the community for personal one on one meetings.

Should I participate in these sessions?

No!  These sessions are for your student.  Our coaches will however provide updates and share ideas and thoughts they think will help your student advance.


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