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Your student will have an 80% chance of being unemployed on graduation day.  Learn how you can help them beat those odds!


Don Philabaum shares with parents over 50 tips, ideas and strategies that will help students and grads compete for jobs in this uncertain market and shares why it is imperative that your student take ownership of their career.   Without a strategy grads risk being among the eigthty percent who are unemployed on graduation day, and if they are, it will more than likely take them nearly 8 months to get a job.

This book covers it all, from social media job search strategies, mistakes hiring managers say grads make, tips on how they can pick up “soft skills” employers want and proven guerilla job search marketing strategies.

The book also includes a complimentary workbook that will help you and your student/grad develop successful strategies for their first professional job search.   (see resources)

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1.  Your Grad will be clueless on how to look for a job

Why?  Their college does not require them to explore career options and build a job search strategy.  As a result, they won’t start thinking about their career till it’s too late. It’s the worst thing to do when they are about to enter the most unpredictable job market for grads EVER!

2.  Colleges and students are not focused on career management

Colleges and universities mission is to make sure your student takes the right curriculum that will earn them a degree.  Colleges have a lot of departments to support, and unfortunately the career center receives far less resources than it needs to be of significant help to graduates.

3.  You need to assume the role of “career coach”

This chapter will encourage you to require your student to assume ownership of their career strategy.  Your student should be working on their career plan the minute they arrive on campus.  We’ll outline things they need to be doing their Freshman, Sophomore, Junior and Senior year in order to get the career job of their choice and how you can help manage this process.

4.  Your graduate is entering a highly competitive, global labor market – with no job search strategy!

In 2007 over 50 percent of the graduating seniors had jobs by graduation day.  Today nearly 80 percent of graduates are unemployed on graduation day. In the past grads did not have to compete for positions and most used the “wing it” technique to get a job. Graduates today must be prepared in order to compete with others.

 5.  Job search and hiring has DRAMATICALLY changed!

The job search process has undergone revolutionary changes.  Job Boards, Resumes with keywords, Social Media, online branding are only a few of the things your students will need to master.

6. An online presence now trumps a resume!

In addition to knowing how to professionally use Social Media in the job search process your student will need to build cultivate and manage their online presence.   We’ll look at the importance of building their own website, and customizing their Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

7.  Seven building blocks of your student’s career plan and job search strategy 

There are 7 fundamental strategies or steps we think your student needs to go through in order to prepare for a successful career.  If they skip any of these, it will have a long term negative effect on their careers.  You’ll be able to build on these strategies with your student.

8. Twelve guerilla marketing techniques that get jobs

Good is no longer enough to get a job.  To compete in this job market, candidates need to adopt out of the ordinary, unusual and remarkable techniques to get noticed.  You’ll learn proven, yet fun ways they can do it.

 9. Fifteen “Soft Skills” business leaders expect

It’s no secret!  Business professionals are going to tell you that your student does not have the “soft” skills they need to successfully migrate from campus to corporate.  We’ll show you what they need to know to get & keep their job.

 10. Eighteen mistakes your grad will make

We’ve had decades to perfect the job search process, yet every second of every day around the world job seekers repeat the same mistakes that others have made for decades.  We’ll share with you what those are and provide tips on how your student can avoid making them.

11.  Career Management + Habit + Luck = Career Success

Can you think back to your thoughts and expectations when you headed out on your own?   As you look forward to your role with them, we’ll share some final thoughts and ideas on how you will be a valuable resource and advisor.

 12.  Resources

This book is designed to give you the knowledge and resources you need to get up to speed on the changing job market, but there is so much more.









Ben Casnocha Co-Author of

The Start-Up of You: Adapt to the Future, Invest in Yourself, and Transform Your Career


Greetings parents!

In The Start-Up of You, Reid Hoffman (co-founder / chairman of Linkedin) and I assert that everyone is born with entrepreneurial instincts, and that today’s competitive landscape requires each of us to re-discover these instincts and develop modern entrepreneurial skills in order to succeed in our careers.

Don understands these changes and challenges. As he suggests, graduates can no longer “wing it” during interviews or expect jobs simply because they have a college degree. According to his research, fully 95% of graduating college students do not have a written career or job search plan. Students graduating today need to understand their competitive assets and develop a strategy around how to deploy them.

If your son or daughter will lead the life you hope for them, they need to take ownership of their career and be prepared to drive it forward on an on-going basis in the future. Don reports that according to the US Department of Labor, your student will have held 10-14 jobs by the time they are 38 years old.

As a parent, you want your kids to have a successful career. But that won’t happen unless you help them. Don says in this book that many students graduate without having the mindset or skill set necessary for career success. It’s true.

In The Start-Up of You, we emphasize the concept of Permanent Beta: you are never a finished product. You should always be investing in yourself. Don’s book is a great way to invest in your child’s future. It is jammed with tips on how to use social media, how to be a positive coach, and how to navigate the application process. The best practices and strategies here will help your child find the career they deserve.

All the best to you and your family in journey ahead.



The Unemployed Grad! pulls no punches and clearly warns college student parent’s what is in store for their graduates, unless their graduates develop a career plan and job search strategy. Graduates will need to develop their own MOJO to stand out in a crowded job market.”  Marshall Goldsmith, speaker and author of “What Got You Here Won’t Get You There”


“The fact that more than 80% of companies will check a candidate’s online profile in some way before hiring them speaks volumes about the importance developing and managing an online presence while in college. The Unemployed Grad! provides parents with easy steps and critical strategies to encourage students to take ownership of their careers when it can matter most…while they’re still students”  James Alexander, CEO, Vizibility Inc.


“A must have book for any parent of a college student!  A wonderfully rich book that provides all of the necessary resources, strategies and step-by-step blueprint to help college students find, apply and land their dream job!  I highly recommend this book” Sherri Thomas Best-selling author of “Career Smart - 5 Steps to a Powerful Personal Brand”


“While it sounds like an oxymoron, The Unemployed Grad! rings true for nearly 80% of college students. College is a 4 year stepping stone for a student’s 40 year career, but unfortunately most students step off a cliff. Instead of getting a return on their investment, they return home. Don lays out a step-by-step guide for parents of college students to help their students successfully transition from full-time students to full-time professionals.”  Jullien Gordon, professional trainer, coach & author of “The Innerview”


“Students (and parents) invest in college so they can have a successful career.  Unfortunately, as is pointed out in The Unemployed Grad!, students often leave college without a clear understanding of what career path is best for them or how to even search for a job.  This book provides a clear path that parents and students can use to help guide their path in developing a career plan.”  Dr. Tony Alessandra, author of The Platinum Rule and Communicating at Work


When you purchase the book, The Unemployed Grad, you will also receive instructions on how to download a copy of the “Career Planning Workbook for Your College Student/Grad” for free.  (value $17.95)This workbook provides over 50 exercises you can do with your graduate that will help give them a sense of direction, confidence and understanding of the importance of taking ownership of their careers!

You will also receive the Career Readiness Quiz This is an excellent tool to help your grad evaluate their career readiness.  It contains 100 questions that are designed to get your grad thinking of of the areas in which he or she will need to study in order to be able to compete in a crowded job market.  They and you will gain a better understanding of what they don’t know so you both can set goals and plans to acquire the knowledge they will need to not just get a job, but get a career job!
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