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 Help Your Graduate in Their First Professional Job Search!

 The job market has drastically changed and your graduate will not have a clue on how to find a job – YOU can help!


It’s obvious your student has the stuff to help any company succeed, but in today’s competitive market, so do 6 other people that want the same job.   To stand out in a very crowded job market your graduate is going to have to “shine”.

But, if your grad is like most, “they are clueless on how to find a job!”

Worse, according to the Department of Labor  your graduate will have 11-14 jobs by the time they are 38 years old.  If they are going to succeed in the industry and career of their choice your son or daughter is going to have to know how to build and execute a successful job search, not once but possibly a couple dozen times in their life.

Yet, the problem is, no one is born with job search skills!   And, contrary to what you may think your grad did not learn how to search for a job in college!

That’s where we can help you, help them!

Now that your grad has left campus, they don’t have their professors, advisors or the career center to fall back on to help them in their job search.   With little training or knowlege on the complexities of the job search, they will need help.  With your life savings and personal investment in their education, you have a great deal at risk if their career gets off to a faulty start.

That’s why we created for YOU a...

…. Parent Career Boot Camp that will share with YOU, what YOUR grad will need to know in their first professional  job search.  You will learn what issues they will face, proven techniques to get jobs, and how to  coach your grad in their first professional job search.


If not you, then who will be there for them?  


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